The Society of Mechanical Engineering Students (SOMES) is a professional, non-political, non-profitable and welfare accounting community of mechanical engineering Department in IOE Purwanchal Campus. It lookouts to the concerned students in shaping their career with a clear picture of what they can do, design or decorate in their interested fields of study. Freshers to seniors and the alumni, everyone is certainly felicitated from SOMES in their respective labor. With its foundation in 2070 B.S, it has provided a numerous platform to nurture the talent and has served as a gateway between the campus, department and the institution.

Message from HOD

Welcome to mechanical engineering at Purwanchal Campus, Dharan, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University.
Our graduates work in almost every technology-based industry: Automobile, Renewable Energy, Electric Power, Aerospace, Steel and material, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Robotics and manufacturing, Pulp and paper, etc. Our goal for graduate students is to provide them a high-quality engineering education that includes hands-on experience. Each of our faculty members is ready and willing to work in their research specialty with capable students on their projects.
Our faculty have a major area of research capability: thermal system, Energy system, Hydropower system, manufacturing, Aerospace, Refrigeration, and air conditioning, etc. Our students have the opportunity to participate in student organizations: Society of Mechanical Engineering, Free Student Union.
We strive to ensure that our graduate students have a strong education with teaming and leadership skills, involvement in student activities, and practical background of co-op and internship experiences. We believe that emphasizing these areas will make our students well qualified to take a leadership roles in the future.
Whether you are a current or former student, a potential student, or a visitor, please feel free to contact or visit us. Again welcome to Mechanical Engineering Department, Purwanchal Campus.
R D Yadav ( Ph.D. running)
Head of Department
Mechanical Engineering
Purwanchal campus, Dharan


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Society Of Mechanical Engineering Students(SOMES)

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