Useful websites

This is ERC student made website mainly focused for making ease of study materials.

This educational website helps you to find books’s pdf file as well as research articles.

Here you can learn various topics and softwares. Although it offers paid courses, it also allows free enrollment time to time.

Useful softwares

Auto Cad          Solidworks          Catia          Ansys

Useful youtube channels

Learn engineering

Here you’ll find useful videos on the working of various mechanisms ,components and devices in smooth animation.

Learn and grow

Here you’ll find the clear explanation of the topic .This channel covers major portion of our subjects like workshop technlogy(1st semester) ,

meterolgy(3rd semester) and manufacturing technology(4th semester)

solidwoks tutorial CAD CAM tutorial

These channels are useful for learning solidworks.

CAD CAM tutorial

learn Auto Cad

Gate Academy

In this channel you can find lectures on various subjects like heat transfer, electrical machines etc. Please check the playlist to learn more.

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