Materials and resources for mechanical third year

Materials and resources for mechanical third year

In third year of our study we go to the core of the discipline. We study different important subjects like control system, mechanics of materials, IC engine, machine design and much more. Here we gain deep understanding of the backbone subjects  of mechanical engineering. Therefore we request all the students to study and gain deep understanding of the concepts.
After the end of third year(6th semester) we are sent for internship in various sectors. However in our case we ourselves need to find the place for internship.

We’ll update more about internship soon.

Here is the drive link to access every materials in third year.

Similarly, if you wish to explore more in this field of engineering. Here are few video channels you might find interesting

we’ll add video links here

We will update this section as soon as we find new materials which will be useful to third-year students. If you stumble upon some of the interesting materials that will be helpful for us. Feel free to write us at our mail(

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