Materials and resources for Mechanical Second year

Materials and resources for Mechanical Second year

Studying in Mechanical Second-year means getting a little forward from beginners but you still may find many difficulties at this phase. You may find subjects like Applied Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics a bit tough but it hugely depends on your effort. So Students are requested to go in-depth of these subjects from the beginning as they are the core subjects you need to have knowledge on as a Mechanical Engineering Student.

Here is the drive link to access every materials in Second year.

Similarly, if you wish to explore more in this field of engineering. Here are few video channels you might find interesting.

We’ll add video links here;

We will update this section as soon as we find new materials which will be useful to Second-year students. If you stumble upon some of the interesting materials that will be helpful for us. Feel free to write us at our Mail(

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