Materials and resources for Mechanical Fourth year

Materials and resources for Mechanical Fourth year

In the Fourth year of bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, we study the application of various principles of engineering that we learn in previous 3 years in various fields of mechanical engineering and the subjects that introduces professional engineering. In fourth year we need to study eight compulsory subjects, 3 elective subjects within two semesters. The course of fourth year also includes an industrial attachment and final year project. Compulsory subject includes engineering economics, engineering professional practice, Theory of mechanism and machine II, Turbo machines, etc. Under elective subjects we learn about various areas and fields of mechanical engineering like hydropower, automobile, aerospace, tool design, etc. An industrial attachment should also be done in which students will be placed in different industries for the period of 2 weeks during vacation. Students are assigned to perform various works in industries supervised by the assigned engineer or technician. The final year project includes working on a design project under the supervision of a faculty member.

Here is the drive link to access every materials in fourth year.

Similarly, if you wish to explore more in this field of engineering. Here are few video channels you might find interesting

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