Mechanical Engineering in ERC

Mechanical Engineering in ERC

Let’s have a clear picture of four year mechanical engineering  journey in Purwanchal Campus.

Here learning is based on lecture, practical lab, industrial visit, industrial attachment.                         

Let’s talk about Our syllabus         

 Our mechanical engineering syllabus is comparable to international level.

Let’s talk about Lecture class                                                                                         

From first year to final year our professor are doing great .There is no doubt about it. The one culture that is here is that the classes don’t run smoothly as the routine ,sometime students don’t want to study and sometime professor don’t come due to their work. So I would suggest all of you to make habit of self study from the beginning of 1st year.

Let’s talk about Lab/Practical                  

The lab run smoothly in 1st year, 2nd year but as we go in 3rd & 4rth year, in some subject there will not be a single lab in spite of having in syllabus, so I would recommend you that follow syllabus and have a look in it without skipping any lab.

Let’s talk about Industrial attachment                                                                                

In our 7th semester, there is industrial attachment of two weeks. One thing that you have to be careful is to choose field of industrial attachment wisely the field you are interested in. You can do in Aero, Hydro, Auto, HVAC, Mechatronics, Cement factory, Coca-cola factory, CG beverage(Rio) or any production & manufacturing company.

Final Year Project                            

The main thing in our final year is major project. If you have done everything honestly as I have stated above taking lecture, lab, practical, industrial attachment in interested field ,software skill and have read a lot of research paper. You will have a clear picture in mind and you can easily find idea about project. 

Software you have to learn before 3rd year completion                                                             

These are the software that you have to learn in deep by the end of your 3rd year.  

  1. Autocad
  2. Solidworks
  3. Ansys

Very Important Thing to know                                                                          

One more important things that you have to do is to build a habit of reading research paper/article/journal related to mechanical engineering. It’s very important and will help you to develop ideas ,learn new research and help you in selecting final year project easily. 

Learn how to write proposal ,report ,research paper and article. It will help you to in documenting your work. Join Robotics club and involve in program organized by SOMES.

Use your time wisely here since you are not going to get it back. Be smart enough to enter in competitive workplace.    

   This campus have limited thing to offer you ,so better explore yourself.

Author : Masood Khan

Batch : BME 2073

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