Society of Mechanical Engineering Students(SOMES), IOE Purwanchal Campus initiated this series to stay connected with our alumni and to make our bigger family, a strong one. Creating strong alumni network will certainly promote exchange of ideas, experiences and foster better communication among graduates. We take our alumni as the head of our family and with their blessings and guidances, we selflessly work for the progress of our society and campus.

Here is the Batch-wise list of our Alumni.

What our Alumni has to say...

ER Yubaraj Khatri
BME 2069

If I go back to those four years there are many people to whom I want to tell that what role they have played in my life. I learned, what success is and how to get success. My college have also made me better rounded as a person. So moreover while writing this I am really full of mixed feelings, for me these all experiences are irreplaceable. The most important part my all loving teachers, who taught me, who always encouraged, motivated me to be the best I can. What things i have learned from them and how they have helped me. I just want to thank all my teachers, my principal sir and all my college working staff. While leaving my college and today and always I will have only one wish that i want to relive my college life. I again want to grow up with my people. I miss my college. It is said that you learn from your experiences, so from my best experience of my college I learned that failure is never final. Keep going success is about to come and therefore never give up. At the last i will say whenever anyone asks me from which college I belong I proudly answer IOE, Purwanchal Engineering Campus is my college.
With all my love,
Yubaraj Khatri